Saturday, December 20, 2008

This Christmas is different but still lovely..

I always love the trappings of a celebration and am ready at the drop of a hat to make a bit of a party out of life. Any excuse and why not the celebration of the greatest Gift God ever gave to man. The ribbon on that package is still around me to remind me of the preciousness of that gift. No, I didn't always treat the gift as precious. I even took it for granted from time to time. But this year my heart is so grateful for the glory of God touching mankind with Jesus' birth and life and death on the cross and resurrection. My Lord in the morning this is truly the most awesome event in all of history and nothing compares. In my case it is very personal and vivid. I came out of darkness into the light. I came from pain and misery to joy and unconditional love. Wow!
So if I diverge forgive me. My salvation is still fresh in my heart and mind.
The tree is up and the decorations are lovely. The lights twinkle and shine and every other night they greet me as I stumble to the bathroom or to get a drink and I am so comforted at the representation of new life in Christ for me, an undeserving but oh so appreciative sinner saved by grace. I like the giving of gifts as a small token of what I have been given. I like thinking of all the people I love and preparing a small gift for them that I hope blesses them.
The feasting at holiday time is a fine thing. No matter what the feast is be it a chicken or a rolled rib roast with trimmings. Eating with friends that supper of celebration together bringing another year to a close and looking forward to the time that Jesus comes back. I love my Lord so much and seldom blog big words about it but tonight in the presence of many children and a dear friend with a cold I am so aware of my joy. The snow is blowing and swirling. The puppy is learning to sit. The gas fireplace suddenly began to work and it is sleepover night at S's house. Girls are singing little silly chants and the boys are cleaning the basement.Tish is a sleeping and the baby not far behind. Canary is snoring already as she was watching the boys clean and fell sound asleep. Small things. Other people's precious kids and I only am a small piece of caring for them. I think of Jenna with Jack and feel good. They are home and warm and safe. I think of my kids all across the country and pray for their best in all areas. I love many and much but none so much as my Lord God who saved me. Sigh. This may be over the top for a blog but I simply am bubbling over with appreciation and gratitude. My heart overflows.


Jennalu said...

Not over the top!! The truth as you know it! It is good to hear a joy in your blog!


Mrs. B. said...

Merry Christmas, Grams!!!