Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Rest of the Story

So all week I have worked at cleaning up the biggest mess I have seen in a yard for quite awhile. John cut and run in a big bad rainstorm and I had to stay and do the cleanup. I got a helper here and there for a couple hours but mostly just plugged away at it. 8 truckloads went to the city brush pile and I have given logs away and still have an amazing pile to move this next week. Dave S came over and used my electric chain saw to cut up the long pieces I couldn't take to the city and now it is looking like a done deal! I am grateful to Peggy, Jenna, Josh and Dave for helping me and to Pam for a night out watching Mama Mia one last time on the big screen as a reward for a job well done. I do know how to reward myself you know. It makes the whole thing a lot more fun.
I wore my headband like a sweatband one day as I was dripping and we ran to Culver's for some Soup. You know that Soup is good food and they had Mexican Chicken Enchilada...MMMMM Good! So the lady asked if we had any discounts or coupons and Pam said "NO"...I said "Wait what kind do you offer and she said well are either of you over 60?" and I crowed "Yes! I am 62!" She looked at me like she almost was gonna ask for an ID but Pam said "She always looks younger when she wears that headband!" Ha! Gotta get your laughs where you can huh?


Lance said...

You are cute!

Lyndee said...

Thank you! I like to achieve cuteness once in a while. It used to come with the territory but now I work at it.