Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Beck's Package is ready to go!

I have finally had enough fun gathering the gifts. The box I chose is full to the brim and it is wrapped and taped and addressed to go tomorrow. Life is good when you are 3 and everyone loves you and I think that is great!

I have a few hints as to the goodies I found to include. I will put them on the side to tempt you.
I would have put a bunch of homemade cookies in there but have stayed so busy no baking has happened. There is a treat though!

I love you Beck and your mama, daddy and sister too! Have fun opening and trying on and playing with as well as learning from the certain goodies I included.

How long should it be before the mailman comes with the box? Maybe next week huh? Wish I could be there to watch you open it.


Mrs. B. said...

Yay, Gramma! We can't wait.

Mrs. B. said...

I don't know if Jamie's baby is a boy/girl yet...I don't think we CAN know until around 20 weeks. But I just have a gut feeling (which are always wrong when it comes to baby gender) that it's a girl. : )
I am so excited though!!