Friday, September 12, 2008

My Willow got a bad haircut!

I am not talking Jamie Willow here. I am talking my actual Willow Tree in the front yard. The facts are that in the last windstorm I noticed the tree was split and later it split more and finally I could see through a spot on the trunk so I was so worried. It truly was the tallest Willow tree around that I had seen and I was swayed by it's beauty when I wanted the property. It made the place and oh how I wanted to save that tree.
My brother is into saving trees so he volunteered to prune back the heaviness and see if we could keep it standing another 10 years. Well, I can tell you that it looks bad but what is worse, the yard looks worse. I have piles and piles and mounds and intermigling branches, fronds, 12" diameter branches and neat cut pieces that John got to with one of his three saws in the driving rain. He for sure missed some but oh well.
The day began raining and I called to see if he wanted to cancel. No...he and ma were coming he said. Turns out he wanted to buy a older Ford Camper Van thingy so they drove up in that with apples from Sky Hi orchard and his dog who is now deaf as Hobbz. The rain went up and down. The sun came out and went behind clouds and then it rained, drizzled, poured, misted, clabbered up and poured again then came the downpour. Yuk!
I prayed a lot. John is surefooted but the slippery tree and the rain and the height he climbed did make me think I needed angels to watch out after him. He might not be a Christian (and he for sure is not) but he is my brother and I counted on the Lord taking that into consideration when I asked. It ain't over til it is over so hope presides in my heart.
Now, as John stated upon leaving, I will find out who my friends are. The mess supercedes normal messes and it is more like a tangled web of heaviness. So it needs further action with a chainsaw. I won one and have really never used it. Guess my day has come.
Monday when I arrive home from here it will be a workaday! I was half-dead and soaked to the skin yesterday and I hope it is not raining on Monday. I already have one volunteer helper and I think he might be able to handle the chain-saw. Sigh.

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