Saturday, March 8, 2008

Golly Miss Molly

The snow date for Amberly's shower came and few attended. We did have fun however in the small group. Jenna and I spent our time and energy creating a wonderful atmosphere for celebrating Amberly and baby Christian to come.
Since that date she had had many contractions and rough moments but no arrival yet. I am sure she would like to hurry this boychild out into the real world. She has many fears and thoughts coming to her but when that boy is in her arms she will perhaps see God's design clearly. Jimmy is doing a pretty good job of encouraging her so Kudos to Jimmy!
This week held the best and worst of things. Mike and Jessica came Sunday with Eliana of course and we had a splendid 2 days due to the freezing rain that fell. The blow-up bed made it possible and I did get pretty good at recliner sleeping this past year so I took a night in my chair. It was fine! I was so tickled to hear Eliana crying herself to sleep "I want to sleep with my gramma!" but it only took a couple times and a few tears til she was in dreamland. It was a fun time. See the pictures! We all went to church for the first start up of the 2X per month evening alternative service. Jessica and Eliana were in the nursery watching Nemo and some other movie and I joined them at half-time. There were about 26 people attending and the coffeehouse atmosphere was kinda different.
I am trying to build a resume and think about what kind of job I really want. I may have to take what I can get but still I want to find what will work for me! I do want a job to be pleasant. I have had fun jobs and then again some were so boring and dull. I like to have a sense of purpose and fill a spot that keeps me thinking and involved. We shall see...I never had to have a resume before. I am old and have had this job for 10+ years. Whew! God is in charge but I am watching and listening so I don't miss the best and end up taking 2nd best.
Jack turned 78 on Friday but I had to come down to work in Madtown so we celebrated on Thursday night. Jenna and I took him to Perkins and after dinner he had Lemon Pie. He thinks it was free because they put a candle in it but no it still cost 2.95. I don't care but he was overheard telling one of the kids that on the phone. I just let it go as it seemed to tickle him so. He didn't get presents as we have a money crunch but dinner was good and we got him some butterscotch hard candies later.
Today Jenna brought him down for the day but he was bored and wanted to go home by evening. He misses his familiar things even though they bore him a bit too. Getting a balance is hard in our situation but we try. After they left Karah, Metrie and I had an art project and we went online and found an artist to copy. It was a kick!
They are now in bed. The house is nearly clean and only a few dishes await. My eyes are drooping. We had an afternoon hairdying session with highlights for myself, Suzanne and Karah. She is probably the only kid her age in school with highlights...and they look sweet! My hair is bad right now but I need a cut and cannot spring for it until I get money for the bills. No one will hire me until I look good so when the resume is done with cover letter then I will count change until I can afford the hairdo for job interviews. Wish me well!

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