Friday, March 14, 2008

I get more encouragement from those I know!

My daughters are exciting! Jamie is in love and Jessi is digging in to help her Amy and to advance the career. I wish I talked more to my daughter-in-laws but alas they are busy with kinder and such stuff. I thank God for blogs and my space to keep my finger on their pulse a bit. My grandkids are a kick and oh how I miss the ones afar off. Some days they all seem afar off believe me... My sons are being men and that takes most of their energy. Earning a living and relating to their wife and kids is full time work so I make every effort to be thankful when they reach out. I have friends but lately they all seem very preoccupied with survival or their passions. I applaud and move on to the daily life I live. It holds some promise of good days to come. Those promises are what I stand on...

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