Saturday, March 22, 2008

Things to be glad about today...

1.) Jesus being raised from the dead!
2.) Jack seems as if he is recovering...
3.) Suzanne is back to work and not throwing up...
4.) Ira is better says Ash
5.) I am in Madison and not still lying in my recliner groaning with aches and pains
6.) Easter is tomorrow and I will see my grandaughter and son and daughter in law as well as Mom/John and so forth
7.) I am going to Chicago on Holiday to see Wicked and Jersey Boys!
8.) 2 days with an old friend will be delightful and so needed right now!
9.) Demetrius is now with what could be an adoptive family where he will have a dad and they are Christians!
10.) I am still afloat somehow though I yet have no answers to the future.

1 comment:

Mrs. B. said...

Sounds like such fun! And I know you needed the break. So so much!
I love all those places. The art museum, Brannigans, the theatres...ahhh...Chicago.
I want to see Wicked, looks like a lot of fun.
The Crown Point you speak Indiana?
That's where Ira and I got married! ;)