Saturday, February 23, 2008

Swamp walking...

I am an elder. I have survived my 61 years with God's help and am in the fray as a seasoned veteran of getting through the maze of things designed to take me out. Do you not see the maze?
The medical community though indeed may be individually pristeen and above board but as a whole is a swamp of critters designed to make the industry money and the peons who support it addicted and sickly. The world view is there to tell us God is gone or stupid or vain or out of touch with the new reality. The push is to get us in debt beyond our means then addicted and divided from anything that could save us. I have not escaped wounding. I have a debt that will take me years to bring down without a miracle or some sort. I did not pay attention to the forerunners of the natural heath movement and alternative medicine. I played outside the gate and ran every risk but then at the last moment would hear the siren going off in my head and go for the security of avoiding the status quo, the planned demise of whatever was good or healthy of full of life. So now I spend what money I can on supplements and organic foods and I try to avoid the pitfalls in the murky swamp of heading out of the valley and up the mountain of freedom. Can I ever be truly free? Yes, I can even as free as those prisoners of war who were at the mercy of their captors but never lost the freedom of their mind and their spirit. They could be killed but they couldn't be broken. So that is my mantra to come out of the 60's of my life better than I went in. Watch me try.

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Lance said...

Very honest post. What you write about is real, your energy and efforts should not be lost to the world.