Sunday, February 24, 2008

Come steal away with me...

These days my "fun" is mostly in my head and in small moments caught. A "cuppa" here perhaps with a friend or a magazine or a "story" I can sink into for a chapter there or even once in awhile a DVD that I know will transport me to a place I can find something special to experience. I find that reading blogs with the pretties often presented and the words that accompany someones thoughts and form pictures in the readers head. Sigh! I have been transported for a good part of the weekend here with my babies to watch and dishes to wash. I do these things with joy but still the moments I steal when they are busy or asleep before I throw myself into a bit of housekeeping for another, these moments are precious and what an adventure! Visit some on my list and find whimsey or beauty or a new thought to stroke... Have a cuppa with me from a distance and we can share the moments somehow.

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