Saturday, December 29, 2007

Pastor Appreciation!

Tomorrow is our church's Pastor Appreciation Sunday this year. Why so late? Because by default it has become my place to plan, organize, delegate and supervise a huge effort to verbally and financially appreciate our Pastor and his family. I barely can keep my life from unraveling and still must do this because:
#1. I want to see them appreciated.
#2. No one else will do it as it seems too large to handle
#3. It became apparent that it has now become my job unofficially but really - as Pastor's personal secretary that is...
So, like the trouper that I can be on these unusual assignments, I gathered my forces only to find I was sadly lacking in recruits. So, this being "the army" of sorts I decided to use my authority and just delegate firmly. It "sorta" worked and I have people. They are working out the flow chart I left with them and by the last report it will all be fine. The tables are decorated. The turkey is roasting and will be taken off the bone tonight and refrigerated. The program is in order with props all lined up to put a new spin on the old pattern. The drama is being written and practiced. (In order to not overwhelm the new folks at church who barely have had time to get to know any of us I wanted some humor and other points of interest and they are lined up, assigned and hopefully ready to rock and roll.) I have a new outfit and hair color to help me through the day. I am taking my vitamins and praying I have the necessary energy to MC the deal with the help of a few others. I am driving from my Madtown job to the church early tomorrow morning with Karah in tow and we will do the deal and race back before S needs to leave for work. We might not sit down and eat with the crew but we can grab some turkey to go and call it good. (I personally long for the 30th when I can sit down and do nothing and enjoy the rest I covet badly.) So it will go as well as it can and I will tough it out and hope it blesses them a lot. Pastoring is hard and full of disappointments but it is a call of God for my Pastor and his wife. They go forward in the wake of devestation and do so with firm conviction it is the right thing to do. I stand with them... no... this year I think I will sit with them as I am just too darn tired!

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