Friday, December 28, 2007

The Christmas Season is Winding Down

I enjoyed much of the activities over the Holiday time. The highlights were visiting Jamie 2x - once for the tea the week before Thanksgiving and once a few days before Christmas. We did the things we like to do together. I cooked for her and we shopped and went to church. If we had more time we might have gone out looking at lights or watched a movie. The tense driving in slippery snowy conditions even had moments that were special. I met an elderly woman at MacDonalds who was a divine appointment and she prayed for us. She is looking for the Lord to return in a few years. Jack's pants fell down in the parking lot and some nice young man came galloping up looking concerned and offered to help us. Nice people make for nice moments! Then we finally ended up at a friend's home where we were cared for and it was lovely. Christmas day was a blur of work and always there are disappointments but I just chalk it up to the season. People eat wrong, stay up late and get sick so they often are cross or out of energy. I am not immune to this myself so I just roll with it. I am tired after all the fun and fuss. NO, I may not change how I do Christmas and then again I may but it is okay either way. I like to gather and offer hospitality to others, get them silly little gifts and love on them as I can. I really enjoyed getting gifts for the grands. Tales have it that they all liked their gifts! I watched Eliana obsess over her stuffed dinosaurs in a very positive way. The rest was of no interest at present but later she may have liked more of them. To hit it on the head with one is a "Bingo!"
Now I am here in Madtown working and enjoying the space and the kids and loving the times of quiet that do occur. I am ready to make my 1 year and 5 year plans for my whole life. I do not secularize as I believe everything is about your spiritual self, every choice is spiritual! What I eat and what I do and what I say is all spiritual. So I am taking time to think of where I want to be and how I might get there in the next few years. At 62 anything can happen of course just like at any other age but I will not assume that living a quiet ordinary life based on desire to be secure is to be my goal. I will pray and listen and read to discover the direction I need to take to be fully alive and able to be used by God in some capacity. I encourage all of you to do the same. Think and consider, then read and pray, then write it out and go to your accountability partner to find if it will stand under question. You needn't share with everyone what you are doing as most people can dampen enthusiasm and play the devil's advocate easily, share only with a few trusted folks who believe in you and love you. So I will get back to you on this in the near future....

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