Sunday, December 30, 2007

Pastor Appreciation 2007

It turned out well and I am so glad it is over. I have had dry mouth since this sinus thing and it was bad trying to talk into the mic and be somewhat professional. It lasted long...I aimed at it taking only an hour after worship was over but it stretched out to nearly an hour and a half from worship. I loved Pam and Turk's skit on how not to love your pastor. The gift giving went okay and I think it touched Sue and Pastor. The dinner went very well. So glad someone else took care of those details. Karah liked our small church and said everyone was very nice. She brought it up, I didn't ask so I know it was sincere. She is a very pleasant and well behaved little girl when away from home so fun to take places. That will serve her well I am sure. I hope some offerings went in for them as well. Some folks asked about where to put the money gifts so that is good. What a push to get this done and do it right but oh Lord we will do it again next year so help me prepare ahead of time! It kinda creeps up on you and then becomes a real deal to pull off. We had good volunteers and it was fun I must admit but still I am glad it is over for another year.

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