Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Staff Meeting at Our House

I arrived at 2 but they had already eaten. I brought the dessert which warmed and was welcomed by most. Yum! I avoided eating too much so the fact they had eaten just helped me stay light.

All staff was required to attend. The Care WI Nurse Cheryl Fry was most informative and was running a question and answer forum when I arrived and later Cheryl the director of Our House took over. The only residents roaming around were #4 (Jack)and #5 and later Frannie came out to get a pain pill.

Here Cheryl going over the long list she had prepared for discussion. #5 is overseeing and very interested in the proceedings.

Jack said he was doing well but I noticed he coughed a lot and just couldn't manage a smile easily. He did enjoy my apple dumpling dessert and one of the comments was about how he just ate constantly in his room. Do I know it!

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