Monday, March 7, 2011

Birthday Bash at Our House

They had him dressed up, shaved and wearing a fedora! He got happier as the cupcakes came with ice-cream and punch. He had double servings.

Jessi opened her little gifts....

The green polish went on right away. Then Sarah and Jessi sang some songs for all. A lot of Jack's housemates came out to enjoy the cupcakes Jessi and Sarah made and listen to the acoustic mini-show.

Jack got a biker hood to protect his skull from wild wheelchair antics.

We smiled for the camera and the end was near.

Jack went to his room to move around awhile but soon came right back out. When I took him into his room I said. "No snacks, you eat in 40 minutes and you just had double cake and ice-cream" then I went back out to the dining room. Soon he banged his way out there and I asked him if he got lonesome. He said, "NO! You put me in front of a cook show and I couldn't get the cashews open!" Then he laughed a lot. Go figure....that's my husband.

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