Sunday, March 6, 2011

Early Birthday with Pam and Jeff

I had just arrived and settled into Jack's room when Pam and Jeff came in bearing gifts. A cotton blanket in a lovely green and homemade brownies frosted and all gooey. They also brought Gizmo as Jack has liked him a lot.

He could barely stand the wait. As soon as his blanket was open he reached for the brownies. He chowed down two while we watched and then I put them out of sight and promised he could have more later.

Jack was a bit sad today. He was thinking about his two brothers who had passed away, one in August and the other in December of 2010. Gizmo was the bright spot as he went from one lap to the other and then searched the room for any crumbs. Tomorrow is Jack's official birthday and Jessi is coming to help celebrate as it is her birthday as well. I have prayed that he will be in a better place and can smile more tomorrow.


Jennalu said...

Sorry Jack is sad, but mourning is good to. He needs to do that like you mentioned. I am praying for tomorrow to be a wonderful celebration!

pksmfvwmt said...

Have a Happy Birthday, Jack and Jessi.