Friday, August 22, 2008

Things are out of joint...but for God

It seems no matter which direction I turn something is wrong. My own situation has stresses galore and many of them are financial. Digging out of a pit is one thing but with one hand tied behind your back and no shovel is another. Sigh. I have many others around me that have intense problems at present as well. Many health and financial issues are abounding to say nothing of the issue of disasters. Car accidents, floods, job losses, downsizing, sin and the ravages of remorse, choices and many of them seem the right choices but then the payment for those choices comes.
I throw myself onto the altar and ask God to guide and help me undo the knotty problems one day and one step and one decision at a time. He alone is faithful. Humankind is frail and only when God enters in is there any hope. My hope is in Him.

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