Friday, August 15, 2008

The Dreaded Diet

So Folks who want to know...I am on the "healing diet" that my chiropractor is encouraging for those of us who have pain from inflammation. I do and I am seeing some results already. The scale has shown a 10 pound drop and my pain is lessened slightly. The premise is that my body does not utilize grains well and so my body produces inflammation as a response so out came all grains. I may add some back at a later time in moderation when I have been without pain awhile. The other thing that had to go is sugar in all forms including fruit. The deal is I have had Candida for some time and with my cravings I never really got rid of it. This diet covers that as well. So...I am happy to be sticking to this. I can still eat out for breakfast or a steak/chicken breast and veggies and a salad. But since I can hardly afford to eat out much I am not tempted much. The sugar craving has greatly lessened and since I want to be done with pain I am not too tempted to indulge in fruit. We can have some blueberries but they are low glycemic. I am avoiding the desserts of life just now and have coffee or tea when I need a treat. The other day I went out digging Chickory so I could roast and make Chickory coffee, a healthier kind with excellent flavor and no aroma or caffeine but worthy of a late night sip. Will let you see the wonderful results and keep you updated with future comments.


Jamie Willow said...

Good Job! love you

Mrs. B. said...

Anxious to hear how it's going! Can't wait for the WONDERFUL results. I love that photo of Cher on your side...hilarious. Her diet? Probably doesn't include Food. ;)
I got your note the other day. I want to send one back. Pen-pal style.
Love ya!