Thursday, August 28, 2008

Calamity Averted

Today I got a call from my dentist saying I could get my crown installed this afternoon instead of next Tuesday. I agreed and then rearranged my schedule to fit it all in. I was headed out the door when Jenna clearly heard the word "Calamity" and began to pray against it and to text me. I happened to hear something on the radio that pertained to us so called her before she could send the text. She told me to pray against calamity and be alert. I hung up and before one block the Sauk Count Aging Van sped out of a sidestreet not stopping until I was upon it. We both hit the brakes and averted an accident. I went on to the job I had to do. Pulling in the driveway the trailer owners were just leaving. I waved them on and went in. Their dog was nutso so I slipped the collar on and booted him out but could smell something burning. I wondered if they had cooked and burned something. I needed to go start the laundry but instead I investigated the kitchen. I found the Lean Mean Grilling Machine plugged in, set on high with paper toweling in it. As I opened it the spark lit the towel which was already charred. The grease catcher was still under the machine with grease in it. I stopped a fire which would have taken out the trailer in minutes. I have seen how fast mobile homes burn. Oh how true that song 3rd Rock from the Sun is...but God was in this and we were listening so the trap of foolishness and/or the enemies hatred for Christians could have borne disaster today instead Calamity averted! Praise God!

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