Thursday, October 11, 2012

Refreshed and Ready

I have not posted in a mighty long time. I have been working on my Memoir of my life with Jack and then with Jesus. I now belong to a wonderful group of ladies who have encouraged me along with my daughters Jamie and Jessi to tell my story. I am doing just that. I miss my precious Jack at times. He was unique and probably the only man this woman could have stayed married to. Thank you Jesus for the time. I am not over come with grief. I am moving in the Holy Spirit and going forward to make a difference and to just enjoy God. I grieved as I went through the difficult times. Jack passed into eternity knowing Jesus as his savior on July 17th, 2011. I joined the Memoir group that Sept. I am happy though at times feel very alone. I have found having friends my age and older has been an encouragement. I do appreciate all the younger friends I have bonded with in the eighteen years I have lived in WI since moving back in 1994 I also became a Minister with Impact Ministries International which has made me more confident to go forward with what God shows me to put my hand to. I am feeling like the blog needs to be reestablished as I am refreshed and ready for the outreach again. Blessings. I may post about once a week so subscribe if you like.
This was taken the day of Jack's funeral. It was a day of being surrounded by loved ones and remembering Jack's presence in all our lives. Grandkids near and seen more often...Eliana and Mikey
The revealing of the Headstone with Bubble-fest and all the kids dancing around being free and unrestrained. It was a day to celebrate and remember with smiles.
Then came my birthday picnic. All the kids and their mates and families and many friends came and brought gifts to me as well. It was wonderful for me.


Jamie Willow said...

glad you are back! always love to read what you share!

Peggy Windsor said...

This is great! I think it's wonderful that you are posting again. I know you must miss Jack terribly. He is an awesome man. I am looking forward to reading your new posts each week. I have much I can learn from you.

tommy Benvolio said...

I will bookmark your weblog and check again here frequently.

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