Friday, January 20, 2012

February Photo Challenge.

My lovely daughter in law Ashley is doing a January Photo Challenge and I just may try to catch up but even if I don't I have one thought up for February. I did random words and phrases that seemed could be incentive for a photo shoot. I challenge you to give it a all at once and post like a blog or however seems good and pleasant to you. Blessings and happy shooting! February Photo Challenge 1.) A Tree you love 2.) Perfection 3.) Biggest challenge 4.) Lovely to touch 5.) Too cute 6.) Beware 7.) Energized 8.) Heart sounds 9.) Labyrinth of some kind 10.) If only I could… 11.) Movie still 12.) Baking up a treat 13.) Lacey and luscious 14.) My Valentine 15.) Regrets 16.) Words that I love 17.) Usually unnoticed 18.) Peace 19.) Worship in action 20.) Mirror, mirror on the wall… 21.) Sporting chance 22.) Project 23.) Animal, Vegetable, or Mineral 24.) Closet contents 25.) Favorite 26.) Pink 27.) Feet 28.) French dream

1 comment:

Jamie Willow said...

ooh fun :) I didn't get in on the January one so I think I'll give this one a try.