Saturday, October 27, 2012

Canning and Preserving

I grew these little jewels in my garden even though we had a drought. I did enjoy and appreciate my garden this year.
Simmering some sauce on the stove.....
I ran on to some gorgeous peaches in August and decided to make some lovely canned peaches and a pie
I grew up canning with my father more than my mom. He did it simply and with not much fuss and I try to stick to those rules for all the basic things.
The cans look so lovely when finished. I like them lined up on the shelf as well. This peach pie was absolutely delicious. I used sour cream in it and it was so tender!
There were just a few left over for me to use fresh or with cereal.
Late strawberries were to be found at the Farmer's Market. Let's create some jam.
I tried a recipe without pectin. Lovely little jars of future jam. They promised they would jell in two weeks. Hmmm. Maybe syrup?
Jenna brought me some 'pickles' as her husband so aptly called the cucumbers. I decided to make them fit the name.

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