Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Day in February

The Blizzard was great for this sickie...I wasn't going anywhere anyway. I ended up not being able to open my door and get out.

I cooked and baked. My quiche turned out well. Gave one to Jenna and ate one myself.

I decided to work on my Vision/Mission board that I so long ago had purchased. I tore up magazines and tried to focus on my next year.

The finished board: health, weight and exercise management, things I love to be in my life like flowers and healthy food, dogs, compiling the cookbook memoir I want to write, God and my prayer life and spirituality, my grand-kids and god-kids in my life, continued investing in my marriage no matter how that looks, gardening, time alone and time with friends and family, reading, church and seeing folks saved and discipled. On and on...the same old story but new because this is a new day.

My bed went unmade and I washed clothes but let it pile up til evening and Cinderella Bella took full advantage of the rumpled comfy bed. <3

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Jennalu said...

May I order another quiche soon? It was so good! Thank you so much!