Saturday, November 8, 2008

A New Hairdo and A New Puppy

I am a die hard lover of change. When Jack would leave for the rig I would begin a project to move us from room to room or just rearrange the place. I love to do different things with my hair and am never afraid to try out a new style even if it is radical. In the 60's and 70's I did the Afro and wore a military coat. I dyed it many colors but not at once until the 90's. I only went lavender for a few days. Now I get a perm every few years it seems and this week was my siren call. I made a few extra dollars and was toying with getting my head almost shaved if it hadn't become possible to get the dreaded Perm. I am once again curly topped. It is so new I still smell like a perm. I look forward to growing out my fair and royal locks again and this perm thing helps me get through some awkward stages. I know I will get some yeah's and some nay's but it is okay as I never stay the same way for long.

Speaking of new smells we gave Karah's new puppy Prince a bath this morning. He smells much better now alas it will not last. We will no doubt have to dunk Prince often. Prince is a yellow lab with an English pedigree. He is roly poly with needle teeth and very loveable and sweet. Karah does a great deal of the work of taking care of him but the rest of us fill in when we can help. This yellow lab is darker than Sasha which is my son's yellow lab. I love the temperment and am glad to be around some of the time to watch this little fella grow up. So far Tish and the baby do not like this pup because he licks them and nibbles on their fingers and toes with his needle like teeth. The rest of us don't really like being chewed either but we are learning to distract him and give him a toy when he does that. He is doing well on being potty trained or maybe we are doing well at remembering to take him out often and right after he gobbles his food.

This Monday is Karah's 8th birthday. She is excited but has a cough. So today is slowdown and stay home day to try to get well. We may even try a bath with the vapors later on. Eliana is here and even had a bit of a nap. She seems to have leg aches like I did when I was growing. I rubbed them and helped her get warm to try to ease the pain. My gramma rubbed my legs for hours sometimes. She was a peach! I also have the baby and Tisha and Canary and Demetrius. Later maybe Peggy will drop by with Jordan and Lewcie. I am completely exhausted from a night with puppy and baby and my own back giving me fits. I think I slept 4 hours and paced quietly taking Nsaids. Life has it's moments of trial. For me 6 days a week.

I may post a picture of what the house looks like and I have been right behind them all day. Sigh. After they hit the sack I can whirlwind around and make it nice and try to sleep a bit more so my sabbath does not succeth!

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