Monday, November 17, 2008

It is very nearly time to think about Christmas!

I have no energy for the season.

My heart got broke awhile back and the mending happens in surges and lulls.

This is a lull.

I love a party, want everything beautiful and inviting. My doll house is over-run with people and now the mice have moved in too. I feel invaded and crowded out. Too much to do and to little manpower to do it. I may not even make it to Christmas with any mistletoe and holly. A Tree? Oh not that mess. Where will I put the tree this year. There is not room except on the deck. There won't be any presents to physically put under it but that doesn't matter as much as the idea of celebrating. Sigh. Maybe some cheese for the mice and a kerchief for the dog...

Sickness has invaded. Came in the Jenna door and hopefully will go out the Lyndee window. I want to be well to drive to Nashville for Thanksgiving.

Someone sent me a picture of a brain this morning. I knew I lost something but where is it mind that is. Is the temper in the mind. I lost that too. Oh shucks, the sense of humor went too.

So, hopefully you will read this and realize that I am coming to the end of my enthusiasm and overcoming spirit and please pray I get some kind of renewal, refuelling and refreshing. I need energy and my sense of humor restored plus for my head, back and feet to stop hurting. Did I mention my neck and both wrists? (Just a touch from you will help Lord). So readers pray for Grammaninners to be restored to vibrancy and vigor.

Thanks much!

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Jamie Willow said...

praying you feel better inside and out.