Sunday, July 6, 2008

What a Week!

It has been a full one for sure. Jamie came last Sunday night on her way to move to Nashville to her waiting husband. It was a fun time. We shopped and hung out and went places like the chiro and to the lake and to view the flood damages in the area. It was laid back but full. The taco salad turned out well the night she arrived, we had brunch on Monday at the Bavarian Cafe in Middleton and enjoyed Pam White's hospitality for supper that evening. I found a fun house warming gift for her to take to her new home as we explored the local haunts. Jamie and I always could shop together as we share a love of exploring and enjoying the whimsical and beautiful things to add to our homes.
It was over way too soon for me and Jack has even shed tears as it seemed the end of something even though we are very happy for her and for Lance. Time marches on and that is how God planned it so who are we to resist? I am excited for the adventure they are on.
Then came the 4th of July at the church grounds. It is always a big deal and this was no exception. A bouncy tent and face painting for the kids, music for all, brats, hot dogs and soda cheap and free snow cones and pop corn up until the fireworks. We worked with a skeleton crew but it went well and once again we were able to bless the community. Firework sales went well this year. I believe we nearly sold out. The community fireworks display is in the church backyard so we all viewed it from our positions.
The next morning I raced down and have had kids ever since. Today I was blessed with Eliana for a time while Mike and Jessica saw a movie. Mike has a special way with David and he took him in his arms today and prayed for him. I saw a light come into David's eyes that was new and boy does he like Mike! I feel good but way tired. That kid likes to get up at 5 A.M. and that is just way too early for the likes of this woman! I like to sleep til 7 and then roll over and catch a few winks til nearly 8. Sigh!
Church was good at Lake City today. The worship was so good and we entered in and God's presence was right there immediately. I love that and the sermon was short and worship ensued and lasted another half hour. Sigh! I laid it all down once again. That is so good for me, for anyone but the build up of burdens can wash away in the presence of God!
Until next time blessed!

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Mrs. B. said...

I am glad you had a good, full week. Glad the 4th celebration went well much fun!
See you soon!!