Wednesday, September 7, 2016

I am resuming my Blog after a nearly 5 years. I spent a late night thinking, reading scripture watching Sid Roth and praying. Got back to bed at 4 a.m. I may need a nap but naps are my friend. It has been too long since I blagged so am looking forward to attempting to put my thoughts and photos down for friends and interested readers. I invite comments.

I am about to leave my home state once again for the land of sun and cactus. I found that I loved AZ and bought a mobile home in a 55+ mobile home park in Apache Junction. I look forward to showing my friend Jenna the way around my newfound home and letting her get to know the grandkids I miss so much and face time helps but is not sufficient. Jenna will drive my new Acadia and me the dogs and stuff down the long highway about 26 hours of travel. I just got word she will be able to take paid vacation which is rock
 on wonderful! I have a old gold mine to escort her to and friends to introduce her to. October will be here in no time. I just have more to box up and send UPS. I  have so far sent about $800 worth of boxes to Jamie's place. I found it is way cheaper to send this stuff UPS than to have a mover. 
I will have room in here for dogs and various odd shaped things, my most precious paintings and china set as well as my safe. It is getting real at long last.
I found the truck was leaving me sitting waiting for a tow more often than I liked so I traded for this used but new to me GMC Acadia. It seems very nice and I am praying for it to be a good long lasting vehicle for my various travels on the AZ highways.

I love a good adventure and I went down for 6 months to see if I would like it. I rented a luxury apartment and had dog parks available to take them to. However I am so not an apartment kid. I like my own space and nothing on the other side of the wall but distance between me and my neighbor. I found a used mobile home in a 55+ Mobile Home Estate in Apache Junction. The front window looks right at the Superstition Mountains which are very beautiful and alluring. I will never be a climber or hiker but I have love of beautiful sights to behold. I find the cactus and native trees and plants to be lovely and exciting to learn about. My 6 months stretched into nearly 8 months and then I had to return and get this lovely little place on Ellinwood ready to sell. I determined that I have way too much stuff and why oh why did I take 6 totes full of photos???? I now find them to be lovely but an albatross. So though I am taking most of them with me I shall be paring them down by sharing with others. The kids should have many of them and some friends will get a blessing in the mail. I may purchase a decent scanner and put a lot of them on discs but manilla envelopes are way quicker. Tee Hee! I have a lovely storage shed right outside the trailer back door. When I get my deck built and steel doors added for security plus my fence for the girls....oh my it will be very easy living. I will upload pictures of my adventures as I go.

Last night was lots of thunder and rain. I was up due to the steroid shot I believe but it factored well into my desire to seek the Lord and do some serious thinking. The rain just kept coming and this morning I have a virtual lake outside the back deck. The dogs are unimpressed though Bella's long legs helped her skirt the depths. Taffy did not make it. She is a whiner when it comes to scary stuff. Her thunder shirt gets a work out. I will still need it in AZ as they have various thunderstorms there as well. She is still a bit afraid of strangers and some men. She is just a mellow quiet girl unlike Bella who has a big mouth and is very excitable.
The view out my front guest bedroom/studio in AZ at 4:45 AM  the first night I stayed in my mobile home.

Here are my girls in state of waiting for the next meal. They love to lay on my bed and snooze away. Both these lovely ladies are about 8 1/2 years old. I love older dogs. They get along well for two females and are generally great companions. My life has changed a ton since Jack became late. I have tried new things and made a lot of changes. I cannot live in the past though I do visit it through photos and memories and stories I have written. I hope to finish my memoir of Jack's and my life together when I get my roots down in AZ.  Both dogs knew Jack so they are even more valuable because of that shared history.

My attempt at on line dating which came out of a long winter here in WI. was not a success and it makes me avoid that as a future method of meeting someone. I am less anxious to find another companion due to the disasters I met up with through the dating sites. One day I shall blog about that fiasco. I have met other ladies in similar situations and they share their lives with me. I find that I have fallen into some good groups of folks to spend time with. I find them to be a hoot. Much laughter is heard when we are together.
Here I am with a dear lady named Anita. She and I attend a church called Generation church and we met on one of our first times there. She is a little thing and we are like Mutt and Jeff. We are here at our favorite lunch spot on a local golf course and having our goodbye lunch. Jamie took this shot of us. The misters were on misting us as it was beginning to get hot then though only in high 90s.  We loved to sit outside and watch the ducks as we shared life stories and lunch conversation. Anita is also a widow but twice. She was married many years to a lovely man and then a few years after his death she married again to another special guy. She has done a ton of traveling. We may even do a bit of traveling together. We talked of going to a CA resort together. Time will tell. We make out plans but God knows what will occur.
I am now going to work on downloading some photos I took of the lake I am currently afloat in. My learning curve on this Mac is slow.  However I will get it eventually. I have enjoyed starting this blog back up and hope some of you can keep up to my ups and downs.
Blessings to all.

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nannykim said...

It is good to see you blogging again. I keep you in my prayers. You must be getting excited. We are also considering a move closer to our kids.