Wednesday, September 14, 2016

 Here I am going through pictures. This little cherub is MOI! I was adorable once and now I am glad I have proof. Haha! I am getting closer to leaving. Of course I will miss things and people from here but the mountains and sunrises and sunsets are calling me to the desert. Apache Junction I am coming. Be ready!
Sunrise at my Motor Home Park.

Daughters at Media 

Okay I am just having fun thinking of my arrival back in the desert. I will enjoy every minute up until then as well and I am not foolish enough to think it will answer all my needs or solve all my problems. Silly that. I do think I will enjoy it though and I am on a search to find some things that may be waiting for me there. Even while I am listening and looking I shall find ways to love others that God puts in my path and enjoy the views I find in front of  my eyes. 

I love an adventure and this is one. What is your adventure? Mine is asking God to lead and guide and then rolling with what turns up. Prayer plays a huge part. Not long involved pryers that could be written in a,  simple and heartfelt prayers that are prayed in faith Of course I falter but that is part of walking on uneven ground on a narrow path. If you choose the easy broad path you may be heading to an end you will not desire. 


I have done 5 boxes of pictures, office stuff and mementos. I will need help loading them into the Acadia and someone at UPS will unload them.
I have some sad things in my life. I tend to be generous and willing to share. At times this bites me hard, I loan and hope to be repaid when it is an agreement. I need such people to be honorable. If they aren't God provides for me but such lapses of honor cause divisions in relationship. We hang with those we trust and find common ground with. If they find it hard to be in fellowship while owing me then they turn away. I have given grace and given it with no judgment but when someone who used to call and come stops and avoids me it tells me a story that is a sad one. 
For the most part people are mature and communicate if they are unable to fulfill a promise but sometimes the immature hide and make up their own story to themselves about why it is okay to be that way. I was young once and made plenty of mistakes. I now see how others might have felt when I acted out of character and broke my word. My prayer is that they learn quickly and remain transparent and give up the pride that divides.
I am certain that many of my readers will resonate with this simple sad story.

The countdown is on. I love anticipation. I am anticipating how the last weeks will go. I hope for a party (but have no chairs....) I hope for fun times with loved ones to be able to happen. Leaving doesn't mean not loving. I love gently with light touches. Any other kind can be a burden. I never want to be a burden if I can help it. I am trying to learn not to walk in co-dependence with others but to give up all passive aggressive ways and communicate my needs and wants clearly with no guilt and no manipulation. I may fail as old habits are a b word. However I am asking God to help me in this growth. My biggest hope and prayer is for this house to sell and for me to be free of the responsibility that having two houses incurs. I do not let it weigh me down though. I want to see my good and old friends from years back once more before I leave but either way I have great memories and thank God for the internet and cheap stamps for the internet avoiders. 

A week or two ago I had a steroid shot in my back and it seems to have alleviated a while lot of pain. I am not pain free as the legs and feet still are  afflicted but I am so much better. I rejoice and thank God that this particular treatment worked, My tattoo looks good and seems to have just melted into my body as if it always belonged there. My life scripture is Romans 8:28 and I wanted  a section of it on my body for many years but never took action. When age 70 approached I decided to just gift myself with it. Jessi Lynn helped me find the best artist for me and I followed through. Alleluia. 

Okay folks that is about it for this week. I will tune back in and you all may enjoy another epistle from my folding table in my empty house.

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