Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Late Night Visitor!

Tap tap tap on my door. Who is it? All the doggies, the visiting ones and mine are barking like hounds on the hunt. Here came Amberly and Jocie. I crowned her with heart antennae. She was a bit put off at first. She couldn't remember me and then learning the names of all those dogs. Bella, Joey, Cami oh my!

I crated the crazy Joey who was very interested in jumping up on my little visitor. He settled right down as if to say. Well, alright then. No fun with you guys.

I found a doggie for her to play with that didn't jump at all.

She got happier and more animated as time went along. When asked if she wanted to go home, after tea and almonds to snack upon, she had definite ideas of staying.

Even in my small house there are places to explore. C'mon Mom C'mere!

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