Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hard but Important Times

Jack's daughter and son in law came from Nebraska to visit. The weather was poor for the whole three days but they got to visit with me and see Deb's dad (precious Jack) even though it was a hard time for him. He has been running a fever and just sleeping a lot, eating little and hardly moving except for small position changes. They saw the working of Hospice and the Care Facility and even Care Wisconsin as their nurse came and spent some time. Jessi came again today and they were able to connect very positively. Today was a party to honor fathers. Jack had no idea. He slept through it.

Except for a few wiggles and kicks with his legs this was how he was the whole day.

Deb works in an assisted living place in Nebraska and has for at least 9 years. She is always very helpful in her assessments and ideas for her dad.

They had a bit of a picnic even though we had to stay indoors.
He held Jessi's hand hard in his grasp earlier even though his eyes only opened for a few seconds. She said his grip was very strong.

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