Friday, June 5, 2009

A Time to Remember!

I am loving this week. I like being a gramma very much and have my own regrets as to the house I live in which is not condusive at present to visits from lovely short people but as time passes God will provide I just know! I think of sleeping porches or little guest houses, the attic turned into dormer rooms reachable by ladders, a camper parked outside with all the emenities. Sigh!
Ye s Virginia there is a Gramma Fairy and I am certain I am she! I adore playing dress up or making up stories by the hour. I can make a silly rhyme or sing a song and add a stanza on command usually. I know how to cook delish dishes and a few treats woven in. I can loll around in a kid pool, romp with the dogs and try to play soccer with little number 8's. I try to teach things that parents forget like about fireflies and playing tent with flashlights. I have enough energy for messes but little tolerance for pooped britches. I inspire success with hand clapping and rejoicing shouts but hardly ever a bribe. I can pray up a storm with little folk and enjoy tea parties of all sorts from the mad hatter type to dress up and raise your pinkie. I love to lie on the ground and look at clouds making up stories and titles for the creatures we identify. A bug can inspire a painting or a trip to the library. Books are made for reading over and over until the child knows what comes next and will correct you if you take a shortcut. I don't mind a video once in a moon and it is okay to watch a favorite show while gramma does the dishes or checks facebook but the t.v. is for days when kids are out of sorts from tummy aches or the water pipes burst. I love giving little dogs a bath or creating clothes for the dollies out of whatever suits me at the time. Magazines are made for collages and paint is to be wasted on the young who adore to create pictures for Mom and Dad. Yes I indeed am made to be a gramma. My life doesn't allow that every day but oh my when I get the chance I just go for it!


Jennalu said...

hunker down grammaninners! way to go!

Mrs. B. said...

You are a wonderful, wonderful gramma. We are so sad you are gone.

whitewingedpam said...

ah yes the innocence of youth ,those were the days for all of us and it's great to share that now,kudo's