Friday, March 6, 2009

Sick sick sick

I am trying to care for children but really I am too sick. I coughed so much I thought I was dying tonight and actually considered dialing 911 for about 5 minutes. I coughed and could not breathe and my chest hurt so bad that I cried. I called out the name of Jesus and somehow I am still alive and breathing.

I may not want to do this again until I am well though...take care of a failure to thrive with rickets who cries continually and I had to use a feeding tube though her nose and the electric machine which is still going as she sleeps. I had to put meds into the tube with a syringe. I really hate that sort of thing but I did it and she cried lots and lots and only stopped when she was sleeping or just to reboot.

I will go home and hope I have enough energy to celebrate Jack's 79th b-day! I am still coughing as I type so I am going to quit now. Sigh. Cough Cough cough cough....sigh


Mrs. B. said...

Oh...I hate this! I am so sorry. :(

Jennalu said...

How do you spell snufflufagus? I do hope this home is rid of sickies soon! I am praying healing and speaking it out not curses!