Saturday, May 24, 2008

I am un-ready!

Not in spirit but in body and prep time. The wedding is Thursday and this is Saturday. I have to find Jack's clothing somewhere in the attic. We wondered if he would ever need it last year was so bad...but yipppeeee! He is doing some better. Actually not perfect seeing as how he landed on his head and had to have staples put in this morning at the E.R. Sigh! I was here and he was there with Jenna and she took care of it. Pastor came too and that calmed Jack. Then they came down to Madtown and went to chiro and had a reasonably good time here eating pizza and watching the kids go nutzo and Jessi paint the new fence.
I laid hands on his head and prayed. Now I must change directions and go forward to the wedding. I am just this minute going to bed. I only got 4 hours last night and frankly that is just not enough and even if you never can keep up so what I will try! See some of you soon at the wedding and will post a few great shots in a couple weeks. Over the moon is my daughter and her intended seems a bit moony too. It is good...sooon enough old age creeps in and causes the inevitable losses but love may never be lost only translated in a new language for the time that is.

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nanatrish said...

I just started reading your blog and I can totally relate to stress. I am on vacation this week and next week will be in Fla. for a medical conference so 2 weeks away for the job. I find it difficult to unwind I stay so keyed up. I will pray for you and you pray for me. Later