Sunday, October 2, 2011

Painting Away!

Jean Stransky invited me to go along to Columbus Ohio to paint for a week. I was ready to do this and decided to concentrate on one medium - water color - and experience it at my leisure. I loved it. My feet did not but the rest of me overruled the feet!

My space in the room. Seeing as how I snore and get up so often, they gave me the bed nearest the bathroom. Nice.

I only took a few pictures. I was far too busy trying out the new things and meeting folks plus walking miles carrying supplies to each class.

Ericka and I went to some fantastic spots. The Farmers Market right near the convention center and then a chocolate shop called the Chocoholique. Oh my!

Jean worked hard on her paintings and they were great. She does not do watercolor.

The Drury Hotel had a happy hour with food. We gathered in our group each night we could and had a glass of wine or a soda and a plate of delish. They had salad, nachos, mac/cheese, hotdogs, and a potato bar.
That is Mary, Jean's sister-in-law and friend in the bottom left.

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