Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Plea...without drama.

I am in need of support and help in this endeavor to keep Jack safe and well in his own home as long as possible. I want each of my children to think of what might be possible for them to do to make this work better. I know he feels solitary and alone in his situation. If it is hard to call him then write a chatty note to him every week or two. If you have the ability to visit please do. If you can stay for a few days please help me with some of the upkeep of the house. My list is long and never ending. If you have extra money and want to gift me I need a load of gravel for the driveway and perhaps a ramp or easier entry for him. The laundry room door needs trimwork and there is some painting that could be done. Jessi helped me one day and got so much done that I was relieved and shocked that she could accomplish that much in a day. I appreciate any help from any direction.
Sweet family, I know your lives are busy and complex. I do not want to guilt you or put a burden on you only let you know that I am unable to do all that is needed in a week or a day. I am desperate and this is very out of character for me to ask. I am looking at many things to figure out how to survive.
I am not wonder woman just your drama queen (as Jess reminds me) mom with some concerns and real needs for support and encouragement. If you have expectations of me please come and spend some time and learn of what I am immersed in and how taxing it is. Thanks for your consideration in this matter. I love you all without regard to how much you are willing or able to help me. My love is unconditional.


Jamie Willow said...

i like the note idea. he is so hard to talk to on the phone cause he can;t hear anything i say.

Mrs. B. said...

We will send notes. The kids can surely scribble a picture or two that he can understand! :)
We are currently figuring out an end-of-summer voyage up North to visit you and Gmpa Jack.
We love the two of you so much...