Friday, February 13, 2009

Some days are like that...

I am glad Friday is here. I am with kids. One is bellowing while I blog but she knocked over the tv this week and was at it again and would not be deterred so I put her in her fenced in area. She is upset with me. Life is just like that. Some days everyone is mad at me. Yah well it is okay. I do not fear their anger. I can take it. I have to answer to my own conscience and it works well. God is real and my conscience is fine tuned by Him. So worse than having a person mad is feeling that I have displeased my Lord. Now that sounded very sanctimonious. Forgive me as I spew my thoughts.

The week was stressful. I chose to do some things based on my beliefs so it upset others one way or another. I do not regret it.

I had a good meeting with someone today. I stuck to the principles and went back to the basics and it went well. I could have been reactive but why? I do not fear words either. They are like an arsenol at times but if I just keep calm and ask questions and avoid reacting and instead respond then it all works better. People will not always agree but "agreements" can be reached if you just aim for a win-win.

I like others to succeed. I want to be an encourager. I like to point or lead the way. I like to do it Jesus' way. Life is good (even though I really do not like my life situation at present) in spite of all the tests, trials, persecutions and misunderstandings. I am loyal and try to be kind even when I am angry. I will not be pushed around unless you have a weapon but I will cooperate and aim for high ground. I do need time to work things out in my mind before a confrontation so am learning to ask for time to consider what will be discussed. I like lists and sticking to the point. Let's just get through one thing before we address another.
I used to be a dirty fighter. I no longer find that winning is worth any price. I really learned that sticking to the things that are right no matter what it costs will make the outcome acceptable even if not exactly what I wanted. Life is short and I am on the short end. I want more peace and self-acceptance but I still do not fear a fight. I also don't run toward the fight.

So what is your concern and tactical plans re: confrontation?

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Jennalu said...

Talking is good. Confrontation is good if done in love. I don't like it though, as you well know! Blessings upon your relationships Lynda! You are a woman of Godly Character! I admire and respect you very much! I hope this other person is able to learn from you like I have! HMMM...